Tuesday, 16 March 2010

It's time again

The time has come around again for full scale seed sowing. We are going to try and grow all of our own vegetables this year. I have even invested in the biggest chest freezer I could find to preserve the glut. To try and help keep the cost down (now I dont have any money left after buying my freezer) I have been saving the cardboard tubes from my toilet rolls, with the idea of using them to sow seeds in.

I have perfected the use of the humble tube by lightly crumpling some newspaper to use as a plug in the bottom of the tube. Last year the soil kept falling out of the bottom.

I found the use of a dibber helped push the paper down. With the paper in place its easy to fill them with soil. Once filled with soil you can then put whatever seeds you like in.

This method of sowing seeds would work particularly well with plants that don't like bare root planting like runner beans and beetroot. I have sown sunflowers, which bring in lots of valuable insects to the vegetable patch. I will keep some seeds for next year and the rest can be saved for the birds to eat over the winter. Not forgetting they are also such a lovely cheery flower to have growing in your garden.

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