Thursday, 20 December 2012


It's my very first time on the front page of Etsy I am so excited and happy.
Bottom left!

Today only
To celebrate my first Etsy front page here is 15% off in my shop use code FRONTPAGE2012

Friday, 23 November 2012

Holly berry hunting.

Holly berry hunting around the garden this morning and only found a few, which was a bit disappointing as there were so many last year, I will have to make my berries for my christmas wreath this year. 

Sorry could not resisted taking my little gingerbread men along! I did find some hawthorn berries with beautiful water droplets hanging off them. Don't you think they look like little  berry chandeliers?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Say hi to my new friends. These little fellows are not for sale but come free with all purchases till christmas. They are handmade by me so there is a limited number available.

I am very much looking forward to putting up my decorations this year I think as I am not doing the cooking this year it will give me more time to think about other things.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My first patch work quilt

Not the best photos very cloudy day and I was in a rush to get it in the post but here is my first patch work blanket, a wedding gift for Jessica and James.

And my ironing skills need to be improved too!

Sleep mask and garter for the lovely Long

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Christmas 2012- sneaky peek.

Christmas is coming....

I have been somewhat busy over the past few months, here is a little of what I have been up to. Will post a few more photo later this week. I have decided to try posting more images and less writing in a way to keep my blog more active, so lets see how that goes!

Friday, 3 August 2012


Time for a tea break, alas no cake got a bridesmaid dress to fit into!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Guilty cake making

I have been away on my first hen party.  It was for my best friend the Lovely Long. I stayed at her flat while I was there and met her lovely dog Buster and Longs future husband James.  I traveled all the way from the Cornish countryside to the city lights of Hackney London. I was there all of five minutes and I managed to find a big hep of mud to accidentally drop my bag into. Only I could find mud on a city road to dump my stuff into! Must have been feeling home sick!

I was feeling a bit guilty about leaving for a fun weekend away with the girls and leaving Adam to look after our dog and chickens and take care of the veg patch and finish the flooring in the lounge, so I went into guilty baking making mode.

Here are a few photos of my guilty coffee and walnut cake.

I even managed to take Lovely Long cake too, and it did not get too squished on the train. I was so looking forward  to my weekend away, I just had to not look at this face for too long. x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Crazy chickens

A while back I told you we had a broody hen, and we tried to hatch out some eggs under her. Well not as successful as we had hoped. Only one egg was fertile. Very sad to only have one egg hatch.

And here is a little photo of the lonely little chic. This was taken 7 weeks ago. The mother hen did take very good care of it, so well she would not let use get near it!

I have been very busy making lots of new sets of bunting for my Etsy shop, and thinking of some new things to make, and planning christmas stock, crazy I know. I will show you some photos very soon!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Just some pretty things

I have made a collection of lovely pretty items on Etsy, such a good place to search for handmade goodies.There is always beautiful thing to look at, this is so true for me right now as my house is a mass of building work, at least I can go on Etsy and look at prettiness and get decorating ideas!

If you see something you like just click the photo and it will take you to their shop for a closer look.

'While I wait.....' by amooma

At least I can come and look at pretty things on Etsy while I wait for my lovely husband to renovate our home x

Francesca Antique Bronz...

Summer days - Set of 4 ...

Boutique Sampler Box

As Right As Rain - Prin...

Beautiful Rabbit and Ke...

2 Yards Pink Velvet and...

12 cherry blossom ceram...

Vintage Inspired Lace S...

3 Succulent Wedding Bou...

Wooden Bunting Flag Nec...

Shrimp Cocktail 8x12 in...

Sea of Dreams - Vintage...

StayGoldMaryRose - Vibr...

Vintage Pastel Melamine...

1950s Candy Pink Satin ...

A Beautiful Mess Art St...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Home cushion, and some new crafting companions.

Finally I have got around to showing you the finished cushion I made  for my friends birthday gift.  I am so happy with the way is has turned out, I have made one to go in my shop,  and I am in the process of making myself one. As it looks so good next to my patch work quilt.

Just so you know I did not make the quilt! I wish I did but in fact  it was made by mother-in-law Jeannie. She was/is a  professional seamsters  as well as a dancer, movie extra and stand in for some rather big name movie stars. Before I go naming dropping, I think it would be better if I do a little interview with her just to get the facts straight.

We have a few new addition's to my little crafting companions, two new hens, they have not laid an egg yet, any day now. They are a similar breed to our other hens.  

Maran type hybrid chicken
We have (bit excited about this!) a broody hen, who is as I type this sitting on six amazing dark chocolate coloured eggs, so in twenty-oneish days we will have lots of lovely fluffy chicks running about.  

French, crossed with Wheaton and Salmon / Blue strains

We put one araucana blue egg under here as well, just hope it's going to be a hen.

Araucana blue egg

I will keep you updated on the chicken developments. We will be selling the excess eggs outside our house. I would love to sell them in pink egg cartons but Adam say's "it's not cost effective"  and I keep telling him "but pink egg box's, come on how can you say no to that!"

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bouncing Baby Bibs

It has been quite busy for the past few weeks. It was Adams 40th birthday so lots of cake making was going on, and planning a big party at home. In the end he has decided to go out to the big city, have dinner at River cottage canteen, which if I am honest I'm very happy not to have to cook for 20 people in a house that is still a building site. 

I did get the bibs finished in time for my friends little girls Christening, and I am very pleased how they have turned out. I do love to make things for my family and friends; it feels more personal, and if I can- not make it myself then I try to buy handmade.

I have started to make more bibs in vintage fabric, as I think they will be a good addition to my shop.  

All packaged up, I took this so I could show the cool stamp's I have bought from Skull and Cross Buns on Etsy it's so cute and very well made. 

My next big make is for an old college friend, I am making him bunting for his wedding, 15 meters of white bunting with red felt stars. I am also thinking about making a cushion for a very good friend Amy she is going to be 30 next week, she has just bought her first house with her man and two boys, I think it needs to be a pink cushion maybe with "home" appliqued on to it. Will show how they turn out next time.