Thursday, 3 May 2012

Home cushion, and some new crafting companions.

Finally I have got around to showing you the finished cushion I made  for my friends birthday gift.  I am so happy with the way is has turned out, I have made one to go in my shop,  and I am in the process of making myself one. As it looks so good next to my patch work quilt.

Just so you know I did not make the quilt! I wish I did but in fact  it was made by mother-in-law Jeannie. She was/is a  professional seamsters  as well as a dancer, movie extra and stand in for some rather big name movie stars. Before I go naming dropping, I think it would be better if I do a little interview with her just to get the facts straight.

We have a few new addition's to my little crafting companions, two new hens, they have not laid an egg yet, any day now. They are a similar breed to our other hens.  

Maran type hybrid chicken
We have (bit excited about this!) a broody hen, who is as I type this sitting on six amazing dark chocolate coloured eggs, so in twenty-oneish days we will have lots of lovely fluffy chicks running about.  

French, crossed with Wheaton and Salmon / Blue strains

We put one araucana blue egg under here as well, just hope it's going to be a hen.

Araucana blue egg

I will keep you updated on the chicken developments. We will be selling the excess eggs outside our house. I would love to sell them in pink egg cartons but Adam say's "it's not cost effective"  and I keep telling him "but pink egg box's, come on how can you say no to that!"

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