Thursday, 2 August 2012

Guilty cake making

I have been away on my first hen party.  It was for my best friend the Lovely Long. I stayed at her flat while I was there and met her lovely dog Buster and Longs future husband James.  I traveled all the way from the Cornish countryside to the city lights of Hackney London. I was there all of five minutes and I managed to find a big hep of mud to accidentally drop my bag into. Only I could find mud on a city road to dump my stuff into! Must have been feeling home sick!

I was feeling a bit guilty about leaving for a fun weekend away with the girls and leaving Adam to look after our dog and chickens and take care of the veg patch and finish the flooring in the lounge, so I went into guilty baking making mode.

Here are a few photos of my guilty coffee and walnut cake.

I even managed to take Lovely Long cake too, and it did not get too squished on the train. I was so looking forward  to my weekend away, I just had to not look at this face for too long. x

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