Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Crazy chickens

A while back I told you we had a broody hen, and we tried to hatch out some eggs under her. Well not as successful as we had hoped. Only one egg was fertile. Very sad to only have one egg hatch.

And here is a little photo of the lonely little chic. This was taken 7 weeks ago. The mother hen did take very good care of it, so well she would not let use get near it!

I have been very busy making lots of new sets of bunting for my Etsy shop, and thinking of some new things to make, and planning christmas stock, crazy I know. I will show you some photos very soon!


Caroline said...

Hello, I have just discovered your great blog and lovely etsy shop. I love the button pins and all the pretty bunting. Look forward to seeing your photos of more of your makes. x

Caroline said...

Hi, I received my fab parcel with pins yesterday. thank you so much, its really lovely. x

amooma loves vintage said...

Hi Caroline so pleased to here your parcel has arrived safely, and that you like them!