Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The sweetest of smells

My favourite flowers are lilies, I had Calla lilies on my wedding day, simple but stylish.

The reason for bringing this up, is on the last visit to the grocery shop, I was overwhelmed by the smell of the flower stand. On closer inspection the sweet smell was down to these pink lilies.

I just had to have a bunch, the only thing was I had told myself that this month's shop was basics only, no luxuries, so I just placed the lilies in my trolley and off I went whizzing up and down the isles with the smell of the lilies wafting all the way. Not only is the scent amazing, just look at them, show stopping, in complete contrast to the Calla lilies, these beauties are very ostentatious, and I love them.


LB Accessories said...

Wow Gorgeous bouquet in the first pic! The other Lily's are beautiful as well! Great start to your blog.

amooma said...

Oh thank you for making a comment, you have made my day!