Friday, 23 January 2009

Amazing new cards

I was having a bit of a rummage in the craft room a few days ago, looking for a bit of inspiration.

What did I find lurking in the bottom of my small flower press, the inspiration I need to make some new cards for my Etsy shop.

The first few layers of the press had rows of perfectly pressed daisies as bright and vibrant as the day I picked them back in spring 08, how could I ever have forgotten about them, is all I could think. Then I remembered what was at the bottom ....

teeny tiny oak leaves. The hedges around my house are cut by the farmers so the little oak trees stay small and so do the leaves, perfect for card making.

There is nothing quite like walking in the countryside or just round my garden finding inspiration or using nature in my cards. Keeps the carbon footprint down for one thing, this is the ethos of my cards to keep them as environmentally friendly as possible.
Well I should show you how I have utilised these wonderful finds!

Above is daisy daisy daisy. Doesn't it just make you smile, and think of long summer days laying on the warm grass drinking lemonade and making daisy chains, I know it does me.

Cute, three little oak leaves sitting on a strip of straw paper, in total contrast to the giants that the trees become , I just think they look so sweet. If you would like a closer look please go and have a look at my shop

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