Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Handmade at home-Busy

I feel like a little sit down! I have been so busy making and listing in my Etsy shop amooma .  I have also started to build my own web site, not finished yet but you are welcome to go and have a look at it, here is the address amooma.co.uk.

I have made my first Treasury on Etsy, I used all my favourite things on my wish list

It's quite nice to see all my favourite dream buys all together like this, now all I need is a little lottery win.

I have one more favourite at the moment and that is some new bunting I have made. When I put the colour combination together it brought back childhood memories of my local sweet shop where you could buy one penny sweets (can you still buy one penny sweets)?  The colour of the bunting reminds my of super sugary sweetie necklaces and tutti fruit's (not sure about the spelling)

<untitled> 13
Sugary sweet 

<untitled> 4
Very hard to find, my husband went to 4 shops, in the end I had to get them from eBay

I have decided to use this bunting to make a bunting banner for when I have the confidence to do a craft fair, I though it would look good with felt letters spelling out ammoa.co.uk.

Bunting handmade from vintage fabric eco friendly

I am learning and concentrating so much setting up my etsy shop and trying to make my website, that when someone buys something from my shop it comes as quite a shock. I have sold another item on etsy and it did comes as a shock!  I now have had 3 sales whooo!!!

I hope to be back later this week to show you a commission, I've made some bunting for a new tea room that has just opened in a village near me.


Bee happy said...

Well done on your 3 sales, it is exciting when you make a sale, I have a Folksy and Etsy shop. Can't wait to see your commission work.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Jooles said...

I love your pretty treasury, i can see why they are your faves!
i think your website will be lovely
and of course i totally get the bunting 'thing'
It is hard work building a business, i am doing the same myself at the mo
keep it up!
j x

Creating Trouble said...

Really like your bunting - very pretty!

chicgeek82 said...

Candy necklaces! Oh I love them, I was always one of the naughty kids who would ping the bits of candy off the elastic! Oops!

Akonn Martin said...
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