Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Vintage finds- Spring in a cup

I found these tea cup in a little second hand shop in Liskeard in Cornwall about two years ago now. I do not use them to drink out of, but to but things in.

Do not drink

As Spring is here (though still a bit chilly) I have bought myself some lovely miniature daffodils and put them in the tea cups not an original idea but a cute one!

Tea cup and daffodils

One pot only cost £1.00 and it has filled three tea cup's, bargain. I thought they may look nice in the centre of my dinner table, I am hoping they will last till the weekend as I have some friend over for supper.

Miniature daffodils in vintage tea cups

My mum always calls daffodils daffs which I love. I have made some bunting, which is inspired by my new daffs. It's in my Etsy shop if you would like a closer look.


Michele said...

THanks for sharing your blog! The daffodils are so pretty in those tea cups! I absolutely LOVE your blue button push pins. Michele (aka TheLaughingButterfly on etsy)

amooma said...

Michele thanks for the comment made my day I have nasty cold, may have to put sunglass on to write my next blog post!