Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Handmade at home - can not wait any longer

I am rather happy about my new creation. I have my sister Helen to thank really. You see I made my niece jessica bunting for Christmas, and did not know what I could make James my nephew. I asked Helen if there was anything he might like that I could make for him. Helen said he could really do with a notice board, you could do that, a little voice said in my head, OK I will make him a notice board. How I am I going to make that I later thought. After a bit of fiddling I had made one notice board for my nephew.

Well then the alarm bells began to ring, I could make theses in some vintage fabric and sell them in my Etsy shop. It gave me a real boost, as my shop had had only one sale, and I think the notice boards may have real saleability.

pin board yellow and oranges 5

I now have about ten made and I am busy photographing them and getting ready to post them on Etsy. I have this orange and yellow fabric board on Etsy now, it is the same fabric as the bunting I posted about last week.

Instead of making just a fabric notice board, I have made half into to a pegboard, some where to keep photos or other memento's you do not what to put a tack through. Will show you the other colours soon and I have some very nice tack's to show you too.

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