Wednesday, 28 April 2010

So many eggs

I have been baking my own bread for about 8 years in a bread machine, now I have my Kenwood mixer I have advanced to making my bread by hand (well the mixer does all the hard work)

I decided to treat myself to a book dedicated to the world of hand baked bread. After looking at few books I settled on Bread by Daniel Steven No3 in the River Cottage Handbook. There are some really lovely recipes, the photography really complements them, not sure who took them but they have really captured the simple but elegance of the humble loaf of bread.

After making a few white loaf's I thought I should turn the page and fined somthing else to make. I came across brioche and saw that 4 eggs where requied, I thought to myself "ooow if I double it thats 8 eggs, oh yes then I can put one in the freezer. Perfect." You see when you keep chickens you can not look at a recipe without looking to see how many eggs it uses folowed by "that will get rid of a few"

The brioche dough was very soft, so my mixer was very welcome to do all the kneadding. It was quite easy, kneed all the ingredians for 10 muinets, leave in the frige over night. Then in the morning leave to rise for 3-4 houres and cook. Easy!

What we like to do in our house for a nice late Sunday brunch, is to soak the briosh in egg, then bake it in the oven, along with some streaky bacon till the fat of the bacon is golden, and then drizzle over some dark golden maypul syrup, Sunday heaven.

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